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by Reverend Amma Niradhara Mari
ebook about practice of Agnihotra as a Vegan.  my own experience,  exploration and instruction in digital format, illustrated.

47 page ebook in 3 parts $31.11  NOW $21.11 suggested donation
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a personal lesson is also FREE with purchase of a pyramid or kit (below the ebook listing)

my youtube channel linked below also has free tutorials
this ebook gives you quite alot more and the donation
supports my ongoing charity work in rural india.

in this ebook order you get:

my 47 page PRAYING WITH FIRE - AGNIHOTRA VIJNANA ebook  which is especially sensitive to Vegans

(ok now its 49 pages incl the 2 covers -  i split the ebook into 3 parts - sorry it was too big for some uploads !  however i did conveniently split it into part 2 : method and part 3 : support materials, so it is kind of nice this way.   if you still want it in one piece message me - it can be done with patience.)

i am including a 4th upload which is a photo of Paramashree Satguru Gajanana Maharaj - the reviver of the Sacred Fire.

you will have access to me by messaging for resources and updates.

i am an Interfaith Minister with a personal practice in Vedic Fire rituals for 14 years.   i am Vegan for 19 years.  i studied in NY and India and i am currently still living in India as a result, i am the managing director and the Amma of a small Ashram on a holy River.  this ebook compiles a long and interesting journey into a teachable sadhana that will bring peace and healing to anyone with a sincere practice, even if you are Vegan.

note that while this practice has no substitute for pure cow's ghee and dung, it does require that the cow products used are Ahimnsa (cruelty free) and this book sources and details exactly what that strictly means. please dont email me with objections about the ghee.  we cannot use 'normally obtained ghee'.  how this works for an ethical Vegan (and why) is very well explained in this ebook.

research is being conducted as to what plant based fuel may be substituted but for now, what we know for sure is that coconut oil, sesame oil, soya oil and most woods except for a few rare ones found only in India are unacceptable.  i am personally continuously inquiring for years at the highest levels of priesthood in India and by studying every available text.  (i am managing director of a Vedantic Esoteric Library.)  this has further revealed to me the extreme value of an extraordinary relationship with the cow in the manner of a beloved family member.

the basis of Vedic culture rests on the protection and care of cows.  this ebook spells that out.  the Vedanta / Sanatana Dharma requires the human / cow relationship to be mutually beneficial.  the reason being is that cow's are crucial for the well-being of our earth ecosystem.  this is why cows are so revered in India.  in these times i recommend to not take cow or any animal products for food.  in this day and age a pure vegan diet is recommended for those wishing to follow a path of non-violence (ahimnsa, do no harm)  the special relationship of the Go Mata, Mother Cow with an Agnihotri is one for a higher purpose to protect and heal the atmosphere.  humans must put her needs before our own.  with this relationship she is truly providing the basic atmospheric nourishment for the planet and must not in any way be forced in that role, but rather made to be so happy and content that she supplies a bit of surplus for yajnyas after her calf's needs are met.

the ebook includes: 

* how exactly to perform agni hotra foundational sunrise / sunset yajnya
* basic yajna for meditation, peace and healing
* several Sanskrit mantras designated for yajnya and their meanings
* how to make ghee and dry cow dung patties needed for correct performance of the yajnas
* where to purchase ghee and dry cow dung patties online if you dont want to make them
* background and insight into the meaning behind these rituals

for a preview video and more info go to the first page of my blog


and for 2 tutorials my youtube channel


if after studying all this, you wish to start your own practice you would also need some household items and a copper kit available below:

-a brick, stone or 2 pieces of tile stacked up to protect the surface you practice on.  if you are outdoors you can place directly on the earth. 
-a satellite clock or mobile phone with seconds shown.
-glass or metal containers for ghee and rice
-ghee (from crueltry free source)
-rice (akshat, ubroken whole grains)
-dried cow patties which you can make or get locally. 

-a metal tray is a nice thing to put the whole set-up on for easy moving outdoors if it becomes too smoky indoors or just to store it easily.
and most important:

-the specific copper pyramid kund OR the basic copper kit OR the complete boxed kit
(sold in my shop along with this ebook only)  message me if the boxed kit is sold out and i will get one for you.  i could also provide you the kit or pyramid separately if you have already purchased this ebook only.  message me.

the sales from this ebook are going to support my ongoing work in India - i have built a free Vedantic, esoteric, interfaith library and temple while carrying on with my voluntary charity welfare teaching programs in Yoga, english and computers.


these are the 4 basic pieces including the main item:  the copper kund plus the 3 most essentials tools needed for practice - total 4 copper pieces.  a lesson is free with the kund purchase!   $54.11

the kund pyramid is 6-3/16 square x 3- 3/16 tall on the outer angle. the inside top measures 5-3/4 square. the bottom outer is 2-1/4 square.

when you purchase the basic fire kit here in this listing yout get:
the 4 copper pieces in the photo. copper kund pyramid, spoon, cup and dish.


scroll up to see the complete list of household items you will also need to practice Agnihotra with either kit shown here.


this kit with the 'extras' is no longer in a heavy box but has been revised in a scaled down packaging to allow for less environmental impact.  similarly, the plastic vials have also been removed from the new packaging.  its best you use small recycled glass jars which is not practical to ship.  the cost of copper has risen but with these mentioned modifications, the price remains the same for the kit.  all else shown is in the kit.  CD, booklets, kund, stand, tongs, cup, dish, spoon. total 6 copper pieces.  $72.11

the KUND is available on its own for $27.77 and choice of spoon on availability $7.77

all orders will be shipped to the paypal address unless otherwise noted. use the note area to mention your item(s) as well.   welcome to the wonderful world of AGNIHOTRA!


VEGAN ABHISHEKAM EBOOK - by Rev Amma Niradhara Mari
this is a totally animal-free version of Abhishekam for Shivalingam.  it details a plant based Panchamrit.  $10.08

you get the vijnana of VEGAN ABHISHEKAM - a 10 page ebook of detailed instructions, photos and mantras to perform Abhishekam with no animal / dairy products and still keep the integrity of the Puja. i perform vegan abhishek on all of my shivalingams. with this listing i will include the story of the Shivalingam (digitally) and one of my digital photos of Narmada.

the Abhishekam is the puja of washing the lingam with Panchamrit (5 sweet nectars) and holy river water.

all of the mantras and their English translations are included in transliterated Sanskrit. full instructions are given step by step.

please see listings for Shiva Lingams and other tools for performing pujas  HERE.

SHIVA LINGAM Supports Kundalini Activation Electromagnetically, works with prana – the body’s electromagnetic field. this is a fire - water relationship which is what empowers the chakra system.
Shivalinga are an object of worship to be placed on a special altar. you may have a less traditional approach as shown here. with your plants or in a meditation space. in a bowl with other special stones. no matter where they go, these stones create a place of honor in your environment wherever they are bringing mystery, antiquity and sacred resonance with electro-magnetic fields.

All Shiva Lingam connect by magnetic energy to all others by the pranic field anywhere in the world, in all places and times. this intense magnetic intelligence is what makes this stone, in my opinion, the most powerfully accurate dowser.

the sales from this shop are going to support my ongoing work in India - a free interfaith library and temple as well as free gurukula for yoga, english and computer science in rural India.


SHIVA MAHADEV PUJA & AARTI  EBOOK  by Rev Amma Niradhara Mari
8 pages of instructions and inspirational pictures.  $8.88

my pdf ebook takes you step by step through a basic Vedic Puja in clear written instructions.

i would like to offer more Vijnana for Vedantic Yogis out there who would like to deepen their Yoga and Meditation practices or for those who just want to start a spiritual devotion which is unique, able to be personalized and is yet is an ancient science and art rooted in a rich and endlessly fascinating culture.   let me know if there is anything i can create for you.

in the puja section of my shop you will find the tools needed for the pujas i teach and some special kits with my instructions.  if you dont see something, ask me. i will create it for you.

the sales from this shop are going to support my ongoing work in India - a free interfaith library and temple as well as free yoga gurukula for english and computer science in rural India.


JOURNEY WITH JAPA MALA EBOOK  by Rev Amma Niradhara Mari
an Entrainment guidebook for use with Yoga Japa Mantra and Mala  $9.21

9 page illustrated ebook  i have written this in order to support your journey on the heartpathway to infinite consciousness.  MY UNIQUE ARTISAN ENTRAINMENT MALAS CAN BE FOUND HERE

this ebook is highly recommended for use with the Malas that i make or with any Mala you may already have and use. if you are thinking about purchasing one of my unique Entrainer Malas, this would be an excellent pre-purchase to read first.

there is no right way to meditate. you already know how, the whole universe is inside you.

more ebooks will be listed shortly.


by Rev Amma Niradhara Mari

an exploration and instruction on Metta - cultivating benevolence towards all beings. juxtaposing ancient practices and modern research, we are encouraged by guided exploration.

the sales from this shop are going to support my ongoing work in India - a free interfaith library and temple as well as free gurukula for yoga, english and computer science in rural India.

more ebooks coming shortly!  please subscribe and check back often.  ASHIRVAD- BLESSINGS!